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Contact: Beth Ryan
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Release Date: August 14, 2013

Statement from the Office of Attorney General About Recusals

The Office of the West Virginia Attorney General today released the following statement:

"Of the many thousands of cases that are handled by the Attorney General's Office, Attorney General Morrisey has decided not to be personally involved in three cases. At this time, we have no other matters pending where we expect the Attorney General could not or should not be involved. While not required to step aside in two of those cases (Cardinal and Sanofi), the Attorney General decided to not be involved so that he could avoid any perception that these cases will not be pursued vigorously and on their own merits.

"In the third case, the Attorney General stepped aside earlier this year in a matter involving Bank of America because the company was represented on the matter by his former law firm, King & Spalding, while Attorney General Morrisey was still at that firm. Attorney General Morrisey never worked on the matter while at the firm or in this office. Chief Counsel Dan Greear is handling this case. In all three circumstances, the inherited cases continue to be prosecuted vigorously and have relied upon the same outside counsel appointed by former Attorney General Darrell McGraw.

"Any time a lawyer with a large firm changes firms or enters government service, there will be circumstances where it is appropriate for that lawyer to remove himself from involvement in a case in order to maintain the highest ethical standards. This is natural when you have highly experienced individuals from the private sector enter public service. That is exactly what has happened here: The West Virginia Attorney General's Office will always place ethics first, which is why the Attorney General always goes beyond the legal requirements of the law to set a higher standard."