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Release Date: October 30, 2013

Attorney General Morrisey Urges Parents And Kids To Think Safety During Trick-Or-Treat

CHARLESTON — Get your goodie bags ready. Trick-or-treat time is here.

Trick-or-treat is a special time for children of all ages, be they dressing up and running from door to door for candy or passing out sweets to monsters and princesses. But staying safe is the key to ensuring that everyone has a good evening.

Attorney General Morrisey offered the following tips to make sure everyone has a fun, and safe, evening:

Tips for parents:
? Make sure all costumes are flame resistant.
? Avoid baggy costumes, or costumes with large masks that could make it harder for children to walk or see their surroundings.
? Be careful of fake swords, guns and knives. Even though they aren’t real, they can still pose a hazard.
? Create a trick-or-treat plan with your kids showing where they can go, if they are old enough to go alone. Accompany your kids whenever possible. Have older kids stay in a group, and ensure at least one of them has a cell phone on them that they can use if needed.

Tips for kids:
? Carry a flashlight and place reflective tape on your costume and goodie bag so you can be seen.
? Only go to homes of people you know, and visit only the homes with porch lights on.
? Never go into a home or vehicle to get candy.
? Avoid walking in alleys, through people’s yards and taking “short cuts.” If you live in an area without sidewalks, walk on the far left side of the street.
? Never accept unwrapped or open candy.
? Remember, even if you can see a car, the driver may not be able to see you, so take steps to avoid all vehicles.

Tips for adults handing out candy:
? Make sure your house is well lit.
? Never invite a child or children into your home, apartment or townhouse.
? Avoid giving toys and novelty items that could pose a choking hazard to young children
? Make the path to your home doesn’t have any decorations that trick-or-treaters could trip on.

"Trick-or-treat should be a time of fun for everyone, and following these tips should help to ensure everyone has a safe, and not too scary Halloween," Attorney General Morrisey said.